3 Signs A Guy Has Soulmate Potential

by admin on April 23, 2014

3 Signs A Guy Has Soulmate Potential


What are the three key things that tell you that a guy has real soulmate potential?

When you get the following three things happening, then a person has great soulmate potential:
soulmate potential

1) First, he has to be into you.

He has to seem like he’s crazy about you. Many times, women will go months or even years thinking that the guy who works in the next office or her brother’s friend is her soulmate. The guy is not into her.

It has to be someone who is crazy about you, who really knows how wonderful you are, thinks you’re special and is attracted to you.

2) Second, is that person willing to grow as a person?

To have a lasting soulmate relationship, you will have to grow together. There is no perfect soulmate who appears like in the movies where the music plays. Suddenly, they’re in love and they live happily ever after.

That doesn’t happen in real life. In real life, there are always problems. Is this person willing to work on his problems and grow?

Some of the hints about that are:

  •         He is self-reflective.
  •         He may have been in therapy.
  •         He may have been in a great 12-step recovery program.
  •         He may meditate.
  •         He is open.
  •         He can tell you what he did wrong in his last relationship.

Some of those signs should be there. If that person has that, they could grow into a really amazing soulmate with you.

3) The third question is whether there is that very special emotional, physical and spiritual connection when you’re together.

A soulmate fits you. You feel like you’re coming home. There is a sense that you’ve known each other. You can finish each other’s sentences. You’re on the same wavelength. Plus, there is this yummy, amazing chemistry.

(Article source: intersectionsmatch.com/soulmate-potential-the-one/)
soulmate potential


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