How To Meet Your Soulmate?

by admin on January 11, 2014

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How To Meet Your Soulmate?


In terms of ritual- I think two things need to happen before you meet your soulmate.

The women- has to have completely stopped looking for their soul mate. She has to be in a place where she is completely happy being by herself. Truly.

The Man- has to be in a place where he has made a decision to consciously look for his soul mate. He is in a place where he is ready for her.

The two happen together for each pair. Eg. Just before I met my husband I had started to feel so drenched in my own bliss, I felt life was great and I didn’t need anything on the outside to make me feel that way. And was open to the idea I will be feeling amazing on my own.

He had come to a place exactly at that time that he wanted someone special in his life to share his life with, but he wanted someone who was truly happy and content within themselves.
how to meet your soulmate

That is the place I would try to get to.

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