How To Tell If A Guy Likes You – 5 Signs You Should Know

by admin on June 10, 2014

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You – 5 Signs You Should Know


There is no one single way of knowing if a guy likes you, but there are some signs that you need to keep your eyes open for. You can never be sure until you and that guy kiss, but if you spot two or more of these signs – you will be a step closer to answering the great question – how to tell if a guy likes you. So let’s move on.

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1. Helping you
This is an easy one. Has he ever or often offered help without you asking for it? Usually when a guy likes you, he will find the first opportunity yo help you with anything – and jump right in. Why? Because helping you out isn’t totally lame and cliche like buying a drink right away – he just wants to “grow” in your eyes, to distinguish himself from other guys.


2. Laughing at jokes
Okay, this one you should already be familiar with, am I right? Didn’t you notice that when YOU like a guy, you smile and laugh at almost ANYTHING he says? Well if you catch him doing the same thing – be sure that he likes you.


3. Says the dumbest thing to carry on the conversation
This is what I used to do back in the days – when we would run out of things to say I would QUICKLY think of something, the first thing that pops on my mind and say it IMMEDIATELY. If you pay attention to the conversation next time, try to catch this one because it can be a pretty clear giveaway. Why do guys do that? Well… THEY LIKE YOU, and they like talking to you, and they don’t want you to go away, they want to keep talking to you – so there you go:)


4. Giving his contact info
Well this is also pretty clear, but sometimes guys are so nervous to ask directly – so instead they go around and give YOU their number or e-mail or Facebook whatever. But don’t worry, this still means that he is interested in you – but he is shy and is afraid to show it to you by asking directly. Oh and if you like this guy, don’t hesitate to contact him – call him, text him, e-mail him first, then he will be more comfortable.


5. Not mentioning other women
Does he have female friends? Does he talk with others about them and mentions them in stories, but when he is with you – he doesn’t? This can be a real giveaway, because guys for some reason tend not to mention other women when they like you. Why? They like YOU and not their friends, and they do not want to mislead you and make you think that they are interested in other women.


Be aware of these signs next time you talk to him. If you catch one or more, be pretty sure that he likes you. Take the relationship to the next level if necessary – ask him out, give him his number. You have noting to lose.


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