Soul Mate Roles In Our Lives

by admin on February 1, 2014

Soul Mate Roles In Our Lives


Over the years I have come to learn a lot about the concept of soul mates, (and I have no doubt that as the years go on I will continue to learn  even more) through my own soulmate symptoms experiences as well as observation of others.  A soul mate is very special person, usually one that we feel an instant connection to, as if we have known them all our lives.  However, sadly enough, over the years the term soul mate has become twisted and  poorly defined.  And then add Hollywood’s role in romanticizing the term, making it synonymous with “The One” or “forever after”.  That “one” person we were meant to be with.  This has lead people to believe that is the only purpose this person has in our lives.  However soul mates have much more important roles and more often than not, rather than coming in on the big white horse and riding off with us into the sunset, they are here to teach us very important lessons about ourselves.


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Multiple Soul Mates

There is a misconception out there that we have only one soul mate. I am afraid not.  Well, wouldn’t that be easy then?  That would simplify things greatly over all for everyone and cut out half the lessons we intended for ourselves in coming here.

When we look at the basis of reincarnation (as I have learned at least), we return in each lifetime to learn specific lessons to help us evolve on a soul level as well as to have unique human experiences.   In each of these lifetimes we meet and interact with a number of different people.  Some of these people are souls that we have met in other lifetimes and are close to us in the spiritual dimension.   Some are new.  In each of these lifetimes we have specific lessons set out for us and therefore the souls that are best equipped to help us with those lessons are usually the ones we meet.  We are here to grow and experience, and it is through interaction with a number of different souls that we can best achieve this. It would seem a bit absurd to continue repeating lifetimes with just one person over and over again, we wouldn’t learn half of what we had intended to learn.


Emotional Nature of Soulmates

Soul mates bring with them what I like to call “instantly charged relationships”. This is natural because all of the emotions and feelings from previous encounters come forward once again during this “new” meeting.  We are recognizing them on a soul level.  Unfortunately many of us mistake these charged interactions as a romantic connection.  And although some do come in with that potential, more often than not they have appeared to play a variety of other roles.

Emotions as we all know can be all consuming and destructive. Therefore it is important to be able to feel what we are feeling but still remain balanced and not let them take over.  In the case of a soul mate encounter, take a good look at the feelings that are coming up.  Then try to detach yourself from the situation and go into observer mode.  How are these feelings affecting your life?  What are they showing you about aspects of yourself?  Are they serving your best interest at this moment in time?


Soul Mate Lessons and Purpose

As mentioned above, each soul mate brings with them specific lessons for us in this lifetime. The three most common ones that I have seen are:

1) Patterns created with each other in past lives are meant to be closed

2) We have asked them to come in at a specific point to help us with a certain aspect of our life.   (Many times they come in at crossroads)

3) they mirror aspects of ourselves that we have chosen to work on in this lifetime.

These are situations where we are required to step up to the plate and evolve past either whatever pattern was created in other lives or the challenge currently facing us.  Through the situations they create in our lives, they force us to look at ourselves through a magnifying glass.  Sometimes we don’t learn the lessons that they brought with them, and this is where oftentimes they leave, and someone else will then come in after to try and repeat the lesson again.

Our soul mate’s purpose is to help us evolve. Plain and simple.  Now whether or not that person is meant to be a life partner is something that falls under other criteria.  The same criteria that would apply to anyone else in your life when choosing a life partner.  Whether or not they are soul mate does not matter.   Many times our soul mates have different life paths to follow than us and different purposes to accomplish this time around.  This is something that should be honoured and respected.  There is a reason that may times our soul mate comes in at the “wrong time”, or little things happen that stop the union.  We often forget to look at the bigger picture and there are many other opportunities that are more in line with our purpose coming our way.  But they cannot enter if we hang onto the emotions and belief that this is the person that we were meant to be with.  9 times out of 10, that new person more in line with our path comes in when we have decided to let go of the other.

Soul mate relationships should be celebrated and understood for what they really are:  two people that have agreed to help each other achieve what they originally intended to in this life.  And kept within that integrity.  There are many beautiful people that will come into our life as we move forward along our path.  And there will be many that will also leave.  And both events, the coming in and the letting go,  should be celebrated and honoured.

The more understanding that we have of why people come into our lives and what we can learn from their presence, the more fulfilling the encounters can be.  This requires us to step aside from the emotions and look at things as an observer.  It also requires us to have a solid understanding of ourselves and what we want in our life.   Through this combination we can then honour those others that have come in to help us create the life we were meant to lead.

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