The Man You Thought Was Your Soulmate Leaves – How To Overcome Heartbreak

by admin on February 1, 2014

The Man You Thought Was Your Soulmate Leaves – How To Overcome Heartbreak

First of all, I just want to say that I’m very sorry for what you must be going through separating with  your soul mate. As someone who’s been through my share of heartbreaks, I understand that what you’re feeling may not be pleasant to go through. In this kind of work (energy, Law of Attraction, spiritual) it’s important to be honest about what you’re feeling. Only from that place of honesty can you bring your emotions and feelings up to a better feeling place.

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With that being said here’s the part that may not be so easy to hear right now. If he left you, he ultimately wasn’t the man for you. Now that’s not to say that your relationship together was all for nothing – you’ve probably grown tremendously in many ways as a result of your time together. Try to have gratitude and appreciation for what you did get, the many lessons learned, and for the clarity you’ve received from this experience.

And now use that clarity to re-focus your energy on the relationship you do want to have. So now you know that you very much don’t want a man that is going to walk out, so what do you want in your partner instead? Some qualities might be communication, maturity, spiritual awareness, gentleness, loving nature, loyalty, responsibility, and dedication.

How do you want him to be with you, in good times and during challenges? Maybe he loves to talk out things with you, or will do whatever it takes to make your relationship stronger.

And how do you want to be with him? Maybe you want to feel secure in knowing that he loves you and this allows you to give him any space he might need, maybe you want to be able to speak honestly with him, or maybe you want to be able to ask him for something that you need.

These are all just examples that may or may not be true for you but the idea is to get as clear as you can about yourself and your partner in the relationship that you want and to now going forward focus your energies on attracting the person that matches that.

Additionally, if you have any blocks or limiting beliefs or feelings of unworthiness you’re hanging on to from the past, you will need to clear and transmute those beliefs into energy that helps you attract the partner you do want – the one that stays and will do anything to be with you.
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