Top 20 Signs That You Are A True Alpha Female

by admin on March 10, 2014

Top 20 Signs That You Are A True Alpha Female


There is a lot of misinformation out there because female alphas are so often labeled ‘bitches’ by jealous beta males and females. I have compiled a list below of what I consider to be the true main alpha female traits. The true alpha female is no more a bitch than the true alpha male is a narcissistic jerk.


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The true role of all alphas, both male and female, is to be the leader of the pack and to protect those in their care. The proportion of alphas among humans correspond directly with the proportion of alphas among animals – for evolutionary reasons.

  1. You don’t seek the approval of other females and therefore often come across as aggressive in the way you speak and carry yourself. (Approval-seeking is the main way to tell you are beta, by the way!)
  2. When you are with a group of people you offer your input because you know it will be helpful, not because it may make others approve of you more, and you do not care about how your input will be received because you know you are right
  3. You are fiercly protective of those you love
  4. Your mojo comes from within and you cherish your me-time
  5. You would never even consider being a ‘kept woman’
  6. In conversation, you know how to use body language to get your way and are always the first person to reach out and touch the other person.
  7. You have a higher than average sex drive and revel in your femininity
  8. You are competitive and see yourself as a winner
  9. You know how to threaten and intimidate those who would harm you or anyone in your care and you are not afraid to retaliate
  10. You don’t engage in drama but always seek the most direct route to the solution and/or a peaceful resolution
  11. You are comfortable in your own skin and have your own sense of style (fashion victims are never alphas – see the first point about approval)
  12. The only person you would ever submit to is an alpha male strong enough to not be intimidated by you
  13. You sometimes get into intimate relationships for practical reasons
  14. You have a strong need to be physically active
  15. You know how to work a room and make people feel welcome and included
  16. You don’t need look around to know that you are the centre of attention as soon as you enter a room
  17. You are often more successful professionally than in personal relationships (until you figure out how to make alpha traits work in your favour!)
  18. The thought of dying alone does not scare you
  19. Other people come to you for help (yes, even the ones that bitch about you behind your back) because you are known to be both capable and trustworthy
  20. Your eyes are very telling and often piercing. You use eye contact to guide, protect and intimidate. As an alpha female, you may have been told more than once to stop looking at someone. The quickest way to regain your sense of being alpha is to allow your power to begin radiating freely from your eyes.


If you recognize yourself in many but not all of these traits you could be a natural born alpha that was raised under less than ideal circumstances. Some signs of alpha traits not being fully expressed or not being expressed in healthy ways are:

* Not maintaining eye contact
* Lack of impulse control/aggressive behaviour
* Poor sense of boundaries
* Lack of success due to poor self-esteem
* Overcompensating the masculine traits
* Not enjoying one’s femininity
* Being paranoid

Remember, it is never too late to heal the pain of abuse and start owning your alpha traits in a healthy and constructive way!

All alphas are natural warriors and many alphas born since 1970 are also Indigos, i.e. you were born with a spiritual mission to fulfill. If you are an Indigo, it is likely that you have chosen to incarnate under quite difficult circumstances and also that your full alpha power does not blossom until later in life… but when it does… Watch world, here she comes!


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