What Does Unconditional Love Mean?

by admin on January 15, 2014

What Does Unconditional Love Mean?

It is important to understand the definition of unconditional love to be able to give it, it is the kind of love that expects nothing back, places no limits, and does not set any ideals or conditions on what it should be. When you love in this way you do it without expectation of reciprocity and with no preconceived notions of how or if they will express love back to you. This is the kind of love you see exhibited by parents and children, brothers and sisters, true friends, and the best of romantic relationships.


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When you love someone unconditionally you do not set limits or boundaries on that love, not circumstances that would cause you to withdraw it, there is nothing that would cause you to not love the person.

Even if the other person does something that you feel is intentional, it is overlooked if you are truly committed to unconditional love. You do not try to control the actions of the other person, nor do you tell them that you will not love them if they act a certain way or do a certain thing. When this kind of love is present both partners feel more secure and neither of them seeks to control the other.


Since there are no boundaries or conditions the people in a relationship of unconditional love do not have to worry about the other person leaving or not loving them over a particular situation or behavior.

Siblings in most cases are a good example of this, even though they may have quarrels and disagreements throughout their lives the bond between them remains unbroken and their love continues through any and all conflicts.


If you love someone unconditionally you will want whatever is best for them and you will always give them the freedom to seek out the things that really give them happiness.

You will let them learn things for themselves and explore situations and experiences that they feel will make them happy, even if you think that you know what is best for them. Although they may make bad choices and do things that are wrong you will always be there for them and never judge them if you truly love them unconditionally.

Can you see room for improvement in your relationship? Do you place restrictions and limitations on the one you love? When you truly love someone unconditionally, you place their needs and their happiness above everything else, including yourself. Remember, just because you love someone in this way it does not mean that they will return their love to you in the same way. Are you ready to love unconditionally?

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